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Prenatal Cradle Plus

Prenatal Cradle Plus
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Get the benefits of 2 belts in one with the Prenatal Cradle Plus! This maternity support belt offers combined benefits of the V2 Supporter and the original Prenatal Cradle.

The V2 supporter is used for compression therapy for vulvar varicosities, excessive swelling of the vulvar veins. Wearing this maternity support belt in the morning will aid in reducing the swelling. The V2 Supporter is also recommended for; lymphedema, perineal edema, incontinence, and external prolapsed bladder or uterus.

The Prenatal Cradle® maternity support belt provides back and abdominal support; in addition it improves posture while easing many discomforts of pregnancy. This maternity support belt is doctor recommended for women with pendulous abdomens and symptoms of back pain, abdominal straining, painful hip separation, Pubic Symphysis, Lordosis, and/or Sciatica.

The Prenatal Cradle Plus can be worn with regular undergarments and is adjustable even through clothing. Belt is available in regular and tall sizes. You may qualify for a medical tax credit or submit an insurance claim. Machine washable  

Size Chart for the Prenatal Cradle 

Size                   Pant Size              Weight

       (Pre-Pregnancy)         (Current)

Extra Petite                   0-3                    90-125              

Petite                            3-6                  125-145

Small                           7-10                  145-175

Medium                      10-14                 175-200

Med/Large                  14-18                200-250

Large                          18-24                250-300

Extra Large                 24 & up              300-350

Tall/Small                   10-14                 145-200

Tall/ Med                    14-18                200-250

          Tall sizes are for women 5'10" and taller

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